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Wednesday, August 27th, 2008
2:16 am - New and looking for help



I am new here, and, like many of you have been searching all of my life for some sort of proof of the afterlife.

To be honest, I haven't found much and despite my collections of ghost stories, my avid watching of supernatural reality television, and my visits to haunted locations, I still find myself in need  of proof that SOMETHING exists after this.  I'm assuming I'm not alone.

I call this being a Ghost Skeptic....someone who is quite obsessed with the supernatural and life after death, but someone who still doesn't quite believe it exists. 

So I'm writing a book...an article...I'm trying to gather a collection of TRUE stories from people who have had experiences.  I'm not the first one, nor will I be the last, but this is something I am very dedicated to.

Please, if you have a story, let me know in your reply.  If you'd rather tell me over private e-mails, I'd be happy to do that as well, just give me your e-mail address as I will be making ALL replies screened and will not post any you would rather not have me post.  Having as many details in your stories is very important...the names of places and buildings, dates, years, etc.  Names can be changed if you wish.  

I will not use past posted stories, as I will require your permission to use said story if I actually do finish this.  Even if I don't, I will send all of you what I have compiled.

Either way, this is just the beginning of this adventure (well the prologue is written) and I hope to find real people on Live Journal to participate. 

Thank you for your time, and here's to not being a skeptic any longer!

If this is not allowed, I apologize. 

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Tuesday, December 4th, 2007
10:45 am - Online study of paranormal and spiritual experiences

Apologies for running this advert a second time, but I'm still looking for lots of participants for this study! This in genuine research and is not intended as spam.(Just a note for people kind enough to have done this study before - it's only possible to do it once, but please pass the info on to friends! Thanks).

If you enjoy answering questionnaires, please consider taking part in a study of paranormal, religious, and spiritual experiences, being carried out online by researchers at the Experimental Psychology department of the University of Bristol, UK.

If you have had one or more paranormal/supernatural, religious, or spiritual experiences (no matter how small or unexciting!) in your life, and you are over 16, you are eligible to take part. You don't necessarily have to be spiritual or religious, just to have had an experience that isn't easily explained by current science!

The study involves filling in questionnaires at your leisure online, and takes less than 30 minutes in total. The study is *completely anonymous*. Not even your email address is required! If you take part, *please* complete a consent form and *all three* questionnaire forms (so four in total, see links below for more info) and answer all the questions.

If you are interested in taking part in this study, which is fully endorsed by the University of Bristol's Ethics in Human Research Committee, please click one of the following links:

The above links to the consent form, which will shut down automatically on completion, so please note the addresses of the other forms in advance! They are at:

More information at the study's LJ community,

Contact the researcher at personality-study@bris.ac.uk

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Friday, November 2nd, 2007
8:00 am - Update on my Spook
banefire Well!!! Here's the update.

I was unable to photo my spook. The blasted thing decided to go quiet and not show the entire fortnight. Aargh! It's still quiet.
I think it's still around as I'm hearing footsteps now and then where there isn't anyone around. Just recently when I was having a light catnap, I felt a hand stroking my head. I roused up but kept still and my eyes shut. The hand then rested on my head and then faded away.
This is frustrating. I don't have a vidcam or even a webcam. Just a little digital camera. So there's nothing I can use to record things when I'm not in the house.

*goes into corner to sulk*  ;-)

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Thursday, November 1st, 2007
3:17 pm - Online study of paranormal experiences

This is a genuine research study, not intended as spam - apologies if it's inappropriate to the community!

If you are interested in spiritual, religious, or paranormal experiences, please consider taking part in a study being carried out online by researchers at the Experimental Psychology department at the Experimental Psychology department of the University of Bristol, UK.

If you have had one or more paranormal/supernatural, religious, or spiritual experience(s) (no matter how small) in your life, and you are over 16, you are eligible to take part. You don't have to be spiritual or religious, just to have had any experience that current science doesn't satisfactorily explain!

The study involves filling in short questionnaires at your leisure online, and takes about 30 minutes in total. The study is *completely anonymous*. Not even your email address is required! If you take part, please complete a consent form and *all three* questionnaire forms (so four forms in total, see links below for more info) and answer all the questions. Each form takes about ten minutes; you don't have to fill them all out at once.

If you are interested in taking part in this study, which is fully endorsed by the University of Bristol's Ethics in Human Research Committee, please click one of the following links:

Go straight to the instructions and questionnaires

More information at the study's Livejournal community,


The consent form will shut down automatically after completion, so you may want to make a note of the addresses of the three questionnaire forms. They are:
Form 1: http://www.personalitystudy.net/public_html/first_questionnaire.htm   
Form 2: http://www.personalitystudy.net/public_html/second_questionnaire.htm  
Form 3: http://www.personalitystudy.net/public_html/final_questionnaire.htm   

Thank you for your attention!

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Wednesday, October 31st, 2007
8:41 pm - ghost caught on cam.

This evening i watched a program on the television. There was something about a danish museum wich is haunted. Its the danish armory with historical uniforms and arms. There were some who put up a webcam, and actually they caught one of the mysterious phenonoms there. At the end of the attic hall, a figure is mooving.
Here is a link, if you would like to see, you have to scroll forwards the program to a little more than halfway, then the ghosthunt is there:
It looks real to me, and they say it is true!
The museum is build in 17th century.
I want to believe, and as such, have never experienced or have never seen anything unexplainable.
Tomorrow i am going to finnish the first half of Guys waistcoat. That is so nice.


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Friday, October 5th, 2007
5:50 pm - I Has A New Spook!
banefire My little ghost cat has gone. Never to be seen again...

...but it has been replaced with another ghost.

When I was sitting in a chair in the living room, I saw a large white orb-like glow in the doorway to the living room. It was just a bit higher than I was standing up, so it'll be approx. 5ft 6 to 6ft off the ground, and it was giving off breathing noises.
This light quickly disappeared, and I heard noises in the kitchen of someone shuffling about some papers and the breathing noise.
I investigated the area, thinking the cat was about the kitchen, only to find it empty.
I later inspected the doorway and found that there was no explanation for the white orb as the area is very dim even in the brightest day.
Later on, when the other family members had long gone to bed, I went to the bathroom. As I was leaving the bathroom, I felt something tap me on the shoulder. I looked around and saw absolutely nothing there.
On occasion I have felt a hand covering mine when I'm in the kitchen, yet I see nothing on my hand.
The impression of this spook is that it was of a human being, is watching me and is benevolent. I don't feel any fear or threat from it.

I'm gonna get my digital camera all set up for tonight, as I'll be alone in the house. I hope I cap something. But knowing my luck, all I'll cap is nothing. ;-)

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Friday, January 12th, 2007
9:53 pm - Our house ghost

It doesn't appear that people post very often in this community, but I thought I'd give it a try just the same. I'm an American student living in England in a house that supposedly has origins in the 16th or 17th century. The emajoirty of the house is Victorian and was a vicarage before being sold to a family with 5 sons, then to my school's program in the 1970's. My roommate and I have not actually seen our ghost, but she (we get the feeling it was a she) moves things around our room quite frequently. Two of the girls on the other side of the house report a gnome that's opened and closed their door and also moved some things, but I think it's all the same ghost, though it could likely be some other fay creature. This is, after all, England. I have a book on ghost hunting, but that's more geared toward proving the existence of ghosts, and as that's not a problem here, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for getting our ghost to show herself. I realize we shouldn't presume it's a woman in the case of trying to get her attention. We would all greatly appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!


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Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006
9:27 pm - newbie

I joined this forum last week, but have not registered any new posts, so i guess its a little quiet at the moment.
I live in Denmark, and i am a believer of ghosts. I have had some experiments, only a few, but enough to make me believe.
First experience was at an old danish manor house wich was going to be made to a museum. I was helping with different tasks there, and one late evening i heard footsteps right behind me, but noone was there.
Second time was this summer where i was on holliday in Scicilly. Our hotel room had a stick you had to put into the wall before the lights could work, but one evening i saw light in my room, i stood at a terrace outside. There was no doubt it was my room. When i hurryed back into my room, i found it empty and dark. During the holliday, there was different kinds of unexplanational things happening, noise on the table, but nothing to see, and that kind of things. Nothing was trying to hurt me, and i wasnt afraid, but it surely was strange things.............
Anyway i hope its ok i am here, even i live in Denmark.

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Monday, September 18th, 2006
1:44 pm - The New Cat Ghost
banefire Well, remember a short while ago me saying that there's no ghost in the house I've been living in for the past 10 years?

Guess what!! We've got a ghost happening.

I was just sitting in the armchair and reading a book, while I was waiting for someone to turn up (who never did! Grrr!). This was in broad daylight.
Anyway, as I was reading, I saw something in the doorway. As I watching this 'something' in my peripheral vision, I noticed that it was small, black and white, sitting down and felt ok. The impression I got of this 'something' was that of a cat.

I told my mother and she told me she had noticed this ghost also, but hadn't mentioned it to me as she had thought she was seeing things. She couldn't get a clear impression as to what it was, but I could. But she also suspected a cat. She was quite pleased that I could see it, hence relieving the doubts in her mind.

Now, a wee bit of history of the house. It's only 10 years old and we're the first tenants, as we had the house built for ourselves.
We adopted a stray cat who in turn had four kittens. Two of the kittens were found homes for, and the other two we kept. One was a grey/white female, and the other a black/white tom.
This tom grew into a very loving cuddlepuss, but he was a rather dim cat. At the age of 10 months he had disappeared, never to be seen again.

The ghost is the spitting image of this missing tom cat. So after all these years he's been gone, he's now found his way home again. Albeit as a ghost.

To us, he's welcomed back home.

To me, we've may have lost the ghost of our beloved tortie to a previous home, now we've got another replacement. Smile

*listens to all the women go "Awwwww! How sweet!"*
LOL! Laughing

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Tuesday, August 29th, 2006
8:11 pm - Evil In A Modern Council House

11 Walnut Gardens, Bensham, Gateshead in England... a modern 3 bedroom semi-detached house that was built by the council on an old rubbish dump. That was the information that was given to it in 1963.
When I was 3 years old, my parents, my brother and I moved into this house.
We were the first tenants. My mother loved the house for it's spaciousness, large back garden, large kitchen and large bedrooms.
Later on though, we were to experience strange things in that house...especially the back bedroom.
It started when I was around 6 or 7 years old. One night after dreaming I was trying to catch a glowing object, I woke up... to find that the glowing object was real and hovering in the corner of my bedroom... the back bedroom.
It seemed to shaped like a luminous ball.
As I stared at this light, the ceiling seemed to disappear, and the walls appeared to soar upwards without end. A feeling of pure malice was coming from this glowing ball-shaped light.
I started screaming out for my parents. They quickly ran up and turned on the light, which seemed to make the light disappear. Then it was considered that I had a nightmare... even though I was wide awake during the whole time.

In time we shrugged this off... until a couple of weeks later.

This time I was alone in the house. I again was dreaming the same dream and I woke up to find the glowing light was back in the corner. Again the walls soared upwards and the ceiling disappeared. I felt the pure malice come from the light.
I quickly remembered that when the bedroom light was switched on it disappeared.
I plucked up my courage and dived for the lightswitch and turned it on.
I looked back at my room to find that the walls were still going up into nothingness and that there was no ceiling.
I looked in the corner to find that the object was still hovering there and I sensed that it was gloating.
I dove out into the main passageway at the top of the stairs, and saw the walls there disappear upwards. The floor seemed to warp and I had to cling to the balcony rails. I felt as if I was being pushed towards the top of the stairs.
At that moment my parents came back home and managed to stop the event from happening.
I sensed frustration from the glowing object as it left.

It never came back...

A little something extra about that back bedroom. Anyone who slept in that room always had nightmares.
I used to always have dreams of jumping off the top step and falling down the stairs or a sensation of being hunted by something evil.
Queries showed that everyone else had that same sort of dream.
At one time my mother slept there and she woke up in the morning to find herself in another room in another house.
As she sat up and stared at this sight, the image faded into the more familiar sight of the back bedroom.
And everynight there was a sensation of being watched at the top of the stairs and in the back bedroom.

Yet there was something odd...

We were told the house was built on an old rubbish dump. Yet if we dug in the back garden, we would always dig up old Roman Coins and once a blue vase.
One doesn't find Roman coins in a rubbish dump, and we all wondered what was under that rubbish dump.


What do you think?

Heather Lennox
New Zealand 

NB: When we left Walnut Gardens to an old house in Leam Lane, the nightmares all stopped and we had no problems at all there. It was a happy house.

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Monday, August 28th, 2006
8:40 pm - My Pet Ghost

My “Pet” Ghost


As these two incidents happened in the same house and involve the same pet… an elderly but beloved tortoiseshell cat called Tinker, that had died a few months earlier.



The first incident was at night and appeared before my mother.


It was a calm night and my mother and father were in their armchairs, and watching the television. During the interval, my mother got up to get a drink of water, and so went into the kitchen.

Just as she was about to turn on the lights, she saw a black shadow on the kitchen bench. The eyes of this shadow appeared to be reflecting the background light, and had a luminous green tinge to it.

My mother thought she had caught one of our two other cats sneaking on the bench and hurriedly switched on the light… and found that there was nothing on the bench, nor had there been any cat there.

The other two cats were checked on and found to be fast asleep in front of the fireplace. My mother got the impression that the cat was Tinker.



The second incident involved me.


I was walking to the darkened kitchen and switched on the lights. At the same time, I saw what appeared to be a Tortoiseshell cat leaping out of a box of newspapers and landing on the floor. I even heard the cats’ feet hit the floor. The cat just vanished the moment it landed.


I recognised the Tortoiseshell cat as Tinker. The box of newspapers was her favourite spot for sleeping in when she was alive. She always leapt out of the box to greet my mother or me.


The kitchen was her favourite place to loiter in, as she was a gutbag when it came to food. J


As the family have now moved to a new house, we had to leave our welcome feline ghost behind.


Heaven knows what the new owners thought about their furry ghost. ;-))


Heather Lennox


New Zealand

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Sunday, August 27th, 2006
2:33 pm - EVP from Lexington VA

The EVP was taken in Lexinton at the cemetary. dinogirl64 and I were sitting on a couple of crypts doing some dowsing work and taking a break after following a red orb for a bit that seemed to be taking us on a tour of the place. I will post those pictures later on my journal.  If you want me to email the wav file, post a comment to kittyn_moon   It is much clearer if you hear it from the file directly.  The voice post can be found there as well.  

You can see the two crypts a bit on the left.

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Monday, August 21st, 2006
7:51 pm

I know there is a lot of information out there on orb colors and what they mean. I am curious as to what you think some of the colors mean, and why.

I have a few orbs there are especially bright and solid have been yellow or gold. This is the one I cannot tell what type of energy it may be.

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Sunday, August 6th, 2006
1:33 pm - Prophecies of Nostradamus WWIII and Third Antichrist

Are we already at War? World War III is a concept we have lived with
throughout the 20th century. Is WWIII the situation which is emerging
now; a state of affairs where the world's nation are so split and
maligned that eruptions of sectarian violence across the globe is part
of the same tension, hostility, and cause?
Find out the truth about WWIII in Prophecies of Nostradamus

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Sunday, March 26th, 2006
4:22 pm - hello everyone

I'd like to let each of you know about an upcoming website filled with a huge amount of information on hauntings, the afterworld, oodles of interaction- chats, forums etc. It should be up and running sometime around May but until then the owners of the website have a place on livejournal. The community is called ghostsamongus and it's growing pretty fast. All are welcome. Also I'm glad to find another community on ghosts and very glad it is UK based. I hope I can jump in and become a regular here. A big hello to each of you!!

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Thursday, March 9th, 2006
1:07 am - Hope you will join me

I have just opened a new spiritual forums and chatroom, focussing on a wide range of subjects from mediumship to the mayans, from tarot to ghosts and spirit and just general topics and fun sections. It is a uk site and obviously, it is all free. I am hoping to take classes in the chatrooms at some stage...and am looking for people who might be interested in modding or doing readings/taking classes on the site. Anyway, feel free to register and have a peek, you dont have to stay if you dont like it :)It has only been up for 3 days so needs speeding up a little :)


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Thursday, November 17th, 2005
5:23 pm - Hello, I'm new here and..

I thought I'd share this with you.

It was taken this past July in Matlock Bath, Derbyshire.

First without the infrared lens.

And moments later I took this picture. There was no one, and nothing but a couple of small stones on top of these steps.


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Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
12:58 am

Hi, I'm new here, I live in Hertfordshire and I'm intrested if anybody knows of any hauntings in the area.
Also has anyone heard of "Cold christmas"?

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Sunday, October 23rd, 2005
2:11 am - Royal Derwent - Ghost Photo

Hello to all. For those who may or may not already know, I am researching The Royal Derwent / Willow Court complex - an old, abandoned mental asylum in New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia. Over the next 12 - 18 months, I hope to make an independent documentary.

I just wanted to share a photo from our most recent trip. It was taken through a broken window looking into one of the wards. The camera I used was a Cannon EOS 300, a 400 speed film and the flash was used.

Have a look at the glass panel, second from the left. I have also included a close up of the "face".

Pitures are under the cutCollapse )

If you would like to know more about the project and don't already have me on your friends list, please visit royalderwent

I also have a website - http://www.royalderwent.biz


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Thursday, September 15th, 2005
2:17 am

The Royal Derwent, or "Willow Court" was the oldest mental institution in Australia before it's closure in the late 90's. Situated in New Norfolk, Tasmania, the majority of the building lies abandoned, pending future redevelopment.

But my interest is in the urban legends and myths of hauntings. Through studying the history of the site and gathering these stories, I am hoping to make an independent documentary over the next 12 to 18 months.

If you have heard stories of the site, enjoy history or just love stories of strange occurrences and hauntings, please friend my journal as I document my journey...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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