tailordrews (tailordrews) wrote in hauntings_uk,

ghost caught on cam.

This evening i watched a program on the television. There was something about a danish museum wich is haunted. Its the danish armory with historical uniforms and arms. There were some who put up a webcam, and actually they caught one of the mysterious phenonoms there. At the end of the attic hall, a figure is mooving.
Here is a link, if you would like to see, you have to scroll forwards the program to a little more than halfway, then the ghosthunt is there:
It looks real to me, and they say it is true!
The museum is build in 17th century.
I want to believe, and as such, have never experienced or have never seen anything unexplainable.
Tomorrow i am going to finnish the first half of Guys waistcoat. That is so nice.

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